The Crown Contest Now Open

My hope is to be apart of this contest one day.

ACFW Virginia

We are now accepting entries for The 2017 Crown Award.

This writing contest gives unpublished writers a chance to have their first fifteen pages judged by authors, editors, and agents.

Winners will be announced at the ACFW Virginia Annual conference on November 4, 2017.

Go here for more information and to enter the contest.

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Busy Week Ahead!

Captive Dreams Window

I will be posting a review every day this week! I apologize in advance, as I know last week was the same. I also know, I’m adding to everyone’s TBR. However, I’m on several authors’ street teams, and a lot of the books are being released very close together!

I also am having a giveaway this week! Stay tuned!!

(Pixabay images-TBR Pile!)

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Apostleship NEVER died out

Apostleship never died out with the apostles mentioned in the New Testament. Apostleship is still a functioning office in the Church today. According to the Bible after Jesus’ ascension as described in book of Ephesian chapter 4 it is stated, “He gave some apostles; and some, prophets; and some, evangelists; and some, pastors and teachers;… Continue reading Apostleship NEVER died out


El apostolado NUNCA se extinguió

El apostolado nunca se extinguió con los apóstoles mencionados en el Nuevo Testamento. El Apostolado sigue siendo un oficio activo en la Iglesia hoy. Según la Biblia después de la ascensión de Jesús, como se describe en el libro de Efesio capítulo 4, se dice: "Él dio algunos apóstoles; Y algunos, profetas; Y algunos, evangelistas;… Continue reading El apostolado NUNCA se extinguió


El Nombre Manifestado (Parte 1)

En Juan 17 vemos que Jesús está hablando en una oración al Padre. Su oración comienza en el primer verso. En el versículo tres pide al Padre que ellos "te conozcan el único Dios verdadero, y Jesucristo ...". Cuando llegamos al versículo 6 vemos a Jesús decir esto al Padre: "He manifestado tu nombre a… Continue reading El Nombre Manifestado (Parte 1)


An Air of Superiority Complex (Titles/eldership/church structure – order of service) Part 1

How did the Church structure come about? In much of the developed countries current church structure is based off the Catholic church. Yes, indeed there should be leadership of elders, but not according and to the point of the current model. (Note: this is not instruction to the Catholic church only, but all churches of… Continue reading An Air of Superiority Complex (Titles/eldership/church structure – order of service) Part 1