Who are the “sons of God”? – A Study on Genesis 6

When it comes to Genesis 6: 1-4 some believers erroneously believe the “sons of God” described in verses 2 and 4 is speaking of fallen angels, but that is simply not the case.
We see in the first verse it speaks of how men on earth multiplied and had daughters. In verse two things get murky in interpretation for some. This fact is evidenced by the distinction between “sons” and “men” in this verse.
Some would far remove this verse from its meaning and they would look at “men” as meaning mankind and “sons of God” as being supernatural beings. Again that is simply not the case.
It those verses the “Sons” is talking about man whom God created did as they willed. This fact is supported by verses 3, 5, 6, and 7. God said in verse three, “…My Spirit shall not always strive with man…”.
The verse does not say “…strive with fallen angels”. No, but man as in people.
Then seems Genesis 6:4 makes and abrupt statement that ‘there were giants in the earth in those days. Some people believe this verse is connected to the “sons of God” and think they are the off-spring of fallen angels. Giants could have meant dinosaurs and other large beasts or even giants like Goliath. No need to make up doctrine and take this to mean they are the off-spring of fallen angels.
Satan later used this in Greek mythology to forge the mythos of Hercules and cyclopes, etc. Moreover, this where fairy tale figures such as: ogres come from. I am sure the mythology and fairy tales have their own reasoning for such creatures to exist and how they came into being, but in reality these creatures are the work of satan/Lucifer – father of lies.
There is no connection between “sons of God” which are God’s creation of man and giants mentioned this verse was only mentioned as a statement of fact – that there were giants in the land.
So God saw the wickedness of man and the flood was soon to follow.
“Sons of God” can take on the meaning of people in some passages of the Bible, but in other passages it may mean something else. One has to look at the verses contextually to understand this fact. Just like when we for example may say: I picked a rose or I rose from my seat. It depends on the word or words that are used and see things contextually.
Some like to connect these verses to support the fallen angels theory with Jude 1:6 to prove that false ideology, but just because the now fallen angels left their first habitation DOES NOT mean they came to earth to go in unto women and giants were the result. Angels be they fallen or not have spiritual bodies and not physical ones in which they cannot engage in sexual activity nor can the reproduce in order to procreate. The ability to procreate was not given to them by God hence why giants were not their children.
I hope people will be enlightened by this and not believe everything they hear over the pulpit. We should always ask the Holy Spirit for understanding search the scriptures ourselves. God bless!



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